Beef patty with corn & mashed potatoes!! Simple school lunches :)

Good afternoon friends & family!! As part of my simple back to school lunch idea series, I hope you like this simple but yummy meal you can make for you or your family!! It’s a twist on shepherds pie, beef patty lunch with potatoes & corn!! Add bbq and enjoy!! Yummy!! I made these mashed potatoes using instant potatoes & plant based milk 😉 yummy!! Make it vegan/vegetarian omit meat and add garbanzo beans 🙂 yummy!!

What’s Needed;

Ground beef 1 lb  formed into patties and seasoned to your liking 🙂

alternative: frozen hamburger patties

instant potatoes

corn; canned or frozen

Food containers 🙂 make and freeze!! Can’t be home with the kids? No problem.. freeze and let them reheat/microwave 🙂

As many children are learning at home we’re busier than ever, needIng to get creative with our meals, as well as consistent!! It’s so important to provide healthy & nourishing meals for our kiddos too!

They need fuel to feed their bodies and minds!! Many schools are sending food home, which is wonderful but it’s so important our children are eating healthy and filling meals all the time 🙂 hope this post and more to come help you with that!!

Thanks so much for visiting & following along 🙂

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