Hungry boys special & blueberry English muffin with almond butter!!

Good afternoon!! Hope you’re well!! It seems like I’m exploring with new
ideas for breakfast and lunch menus for myself and my kiddos!!

So what do I do when you have a hungry teenager??  One who’s eating you out of snacks and complains there’s no food when the snack drawer is empty?? Lol!!

So I decided to make him a big breakfast to help fill that constant growling belly!!

On this morning I decided to add scrambled eggs to the menu!! Oops I made one to many!!

Here’s three eggs with a blueberry English muffin!! My son went grocery shopping and chose this muffin 🙂 Its the Thomas Blueberry brand.. Yumm!!

These Blueberry English muffins are  actually really delicious even with almond butter, that’s what I had for breakfast!! A Perfect blend of sweet, & nutty taste!!

What I learned is that he likes his eggs with ketchup and the perfect combo for my growing teen is… drum roll please!!

2 scrambled eggs & an English muffin!!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day & enjoying this gorgeous fall day!! Give this a try it’s actually pretty good 🙂 Thanks for visiting 🙂



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