Bruno will never run into the road again!! Our invisible dog fence success story!!

This Rascal will never run off into the road again!! His invisible dog fence was a success!!  Poor fella was taken to see his boundaries and was surprised by shocks..multiple times…aww poor guy… ya I wasn’t too happy about that but in the end it will save his life!!!  He’s happy now that he understands what will happen if he goes close to his boundary markers!! It’s a signal, vibrate then a can adjust amount of shock too!!  We love that the kids can take him outside and play!!

Putting in the invisible dog fence!!

Putting in the dog fence was quite the days work but it was made easier with all hands on deck and renting an edger.. more info as to what we used in the following post:

Excited to Prep for Bruno’s invisible dog fence!!

We started around 1pm and my hubby didn’t get in till about 8 pm.. because we live on a wooded lot we used stakes in the woods to lay wire, my husband made them from unused metal shelves!! He’s so thrifty like that!!  Apparently many professional installers use this method for wooded areas and hard to reach areas!! Another item that proved useful, even though it took two of us to maneuver is pushing the wire into the pvc piping that was spliced in the middle for the driveway entrance! We bought the 14 gauge wire, 1500 ft and have about 300 ft left!!

Happy dog days..

So as many more people are walking in our neighborhood, my dog will be safe in our yard and they will be protected from our scary greeting dog 🙂 lol! Thanks for reading!! Have a wonderful day!!



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