Organizing your closet tips & trip to Willard Beach, Scarborough Maine

See how I organized & transformed a closet & visited Willard beach!! Organizing, It’s the first step to designing a fabulous closet!! I absolutely loved Organizing for this sweet client & sweet bonus because Scarborough is such a pretty Place!! A win win!! This post will share a few tips to help organize your closet!! 

Also if  you need organizing or interior design help, please reach out if you live in Maine 🙂 or can do zoom consultations as well!! 

Closet Organizing

It’s so important to take inventory of what you have!! If you are moving or have moved & have boxes, what’s important is to find a place for everything!! 

  • Step one: find a place for everything 

Then step 2: figure out what you want to keep, throw out or donate! 


  • What can you eliminate? What can you donate?? It’s important to have a chat with everything in your closet, do I like it? Wear it? Have you worn it this year??      
    After answering these question either  throw away, put away or donate items 🙂  

& lastly step 3!  Design a closet with storage to work for you!!

So from here you know what needs space in your closet!!  Then you can assess what you will need to organize your clothing & shoes!! So that’s where we’ve left off with my clients closer!! What to buy for organizing shoes, bags, clothes hangers??  A good rule is design your closet, as an interior designer that entails measuring & figuring out what is needed! So stay tuned to see how that turned out!! For now enjoy this video for this episode of organizing with the Mainechica!! (💗💗Love how that sounds, lol!!)

Have a wonderful day!!


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