Healing & comforting our hearts at the Portland Headlight!!

Gotta Love Our Headlight!! It’s where I love to visit, especially when I need peace & comfort!! Maybe it’s because the ocean backdrop just makes it so serene & gorgeous!! The towering headlight is so magnificent looking too… such a picturesque vista!! I love it here!! How about you?  Do you like lighthouses?? 

On this day I brought my kids & our little friend Kati!! See she lost her beloved Grandfather just the day before we visited the lighthouse!! So So sad, we will miss our dear friend Steve but we have peace knowing he is no longer suffering!! Losing someone in death is devastating & even more so due to a sickness like Cancer, it’s so heartbreaking & shocking!!  If you’re suffering a loss like that I’m so sorry!!  Getting out & having a nice distraction is  so helpful, I know it was to me & hope it was for the kids too….

On this day though the kids played, they had photo shoots.. super cute ones too!! My daughter even threw rose pedals in the air for visual video effects!!  So cute!! Hahaha!! My son had fun playing with his drone, he added a camera & a few other things to it 🙂 he recorded a really cool video, you can check that out on my YouTube channel!! He’s added a couple of his drone videos on that!! Lol!! I love that the kids had a good day!! We had icecream & just enjoyed time together!! Love all my kiddos!! 

Drone footage

Check it out on my YouTube channel! Mainechica 🙂  drone footage of the lighthouse!! He has a FPV Drone, Run Cam thumb pro!! That’s a mouthful!! Lol!! All I know is that the camera is amazing 4k Video capacity & it flies awesome as you can see!! 


Headlight Pictures

Portland Headlight, one of my favorite places to visit!! If you’re in Maine, it’s worth a visit!! This time of year it is fun to visit Portland & the surrounding areas too!! The Headlight is one of my favorite place, I especially love to visit when I need to destress because it’s so peaceful!! I think being in creation can help us focus on better things to come & helps us see Gods power in what he’s made 🙂 💕💕

Thanks for following along 🙂 Have an awesome day! Love & prayers to our good friends, we love your family! 

Summer travel
Essentials, stay tuned for another summer adventure as we travel to the Grand Canyon!!! Here are some of the things that I’ve found helpful!! Safe travels!! 


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