Walking, rain or shine!! Getting out never felt so good!!

Friday’s situation was rainy and wet but my goal was to get out for a walk anyway… rain or shine! I enjoyed the refreshing rain coming down on my face… it was not a downpour but it wasn’t a light drizzle either but a steady flow of water coming down…the temp was just right in the upper 40’s so  it felt so refreshing…

Sometimes we have to just take a break from or busy scheduled to take care of ourselves!! Walking outside is a wonderful way to to that.. if I could run again I would do that instead and that’s another great way 🙂  Im giving my plantar plate alittle more time to heal… as you can see the roads are shiny from the rain but if felt oh so good and relaxing to take those steps forward for about a mile 🙂

With the right gear, the rain is no big deal!! I wore my llbean jacket… best coat for rain!! Pretty in Pink!! I didn’t have waterproof pants but that wasn’t a problem… My feet arrived abit damp and my pants too but it wasn’t a big deal!! So hope you can have an adventure despite the weather, you will love it like I did!!


Thanks for visiting, reading and following along 🙂 Have a wonderful day!,

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