Final cleaning day & yummy UFO sandwich!!

Sounds funny, a UFO for lunch but that’s exactly how we spend lunch time yesterday!! This stands for not an unidentified flying object but an Unbelievably filling object!! Haha!! 😂

So these are found at a popular place called Georgios pizza and Donut shop in Auburn Maine!! They are served on a homemade baked large and toasted round roll… salami, ham, pepperoni, provolone cheese, American cheese baked in the oven, then they add tomatoes, lettuce, green peppers, pickles and topped off with mayo!! My husband added jalapeños to his and dropped the mayo!! He loved it!! I shared half with my kiddos and asked for turkey and all the veggies…I would have loved more veggies on mine since I took off most of the meat and all the cheese but oh well I still enjoyed it… the bread was yummy!! Look how big it was, talk about ginormous…. I have a large sized women’s hand and look at how round these babies are!!

My hubby and I spent the day cleaning out our old apartment and the basement of our building!! It was mostly empty with the exception of some final things to take down like the tv in the living room and some mirrors and construction materials in the basement and lawn….raking and cleaning….

We finally got the ok to close on the sale of our apartment building…it is scheduled for tomorrow-Friday which was alittle quicker than we anticipated so the hubby got the day off to getter done…..which was nice!! So the upside was we had an impromptu lunch together, yummy… so even though we worked in different parts of the house for the day, which was kinda funny we got to take a ride to the town dump and had a delicious UFO lunch together!!! So romantic… Lol!! I want to post the picture but I look terrible plus my hubby is camera shy!! Lol!! Just picture one person with crazy hair, the other with a dirty work face sitting at a booth over 2 large circles and coffee!! Lol! 😂

Thanks for Visiting and following along!! Let the fun continue, lets hope all is in place for the sale tomorrow!! Have a wonderful day!! 😘😘



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