Lucky Lady Ducky, Our Rescue Mission to the Center for Wildlife!!

On our Last fishing adventure this week in Kennebunkport Maine we sadly not only picked a stormy day at sea but we sadly found a wounded duck!! The boys were abit disappointed they didn’t bring home any fish….booo but we’re so happy to have rescued this little lady…. I’ll share the details and pics, so cute…I loved how my 9yr old daughter did not leave her side in fear she’d get run over…


On this particular day, the skies and powerful ocean waves made for an impressive view!! It was amazing.. but  while we’re taking pictures the kids and i noticed this duck that looked like the waves were pulling it under, it certainlu looked like it was struggling, it even seemed like it made its way over to us, so my son helped it along at one point!! So there we were protecting this poor wounded duck, my kids tried to feed it… oops didn’t know we shouldn’t have done that but that’s ok she didn’t like chips or bread anyways!¡ lol!

So then We brought the wounded Duck to the Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick Maine!! It was about 45 mins away from our fishing spot!!  We’re so grateful to everyone involved with this rescue!! We started with calling the town Office and reporting this incident with the Police department.. unfortunately after hours had gone by and calling again we had to check with other agencies because unfortunately the game wardens and police officers were busy at this time!! My husband had googled the info and passed a phone number to us for an agency in freedom Maine, they gave us a phone number to the Center for Wildlife!! Yay!!

Our Duck is a Sea Duck, called a Common Eider Duck and it’s a Female!! We found out the males are bright white and black!! We think It injured it’s foot, it was wobbling to get out of the fierce ocean waves on shore.. poor thing

So Thankful to the kind people and wonderful organization who helped this injured Duck!! Loved seeing the animals that Are permanent residents here, many are not  able to return to the wild for different reasons!! I loved the Owl and the dancing Porcupine Henry!! So Cute!! I’ll post a short Video about him on another post!!

So after calling the wildlife center we found out our Common Eider Duck has a fractured left leg and poor circulation in that leg!! It had a splint and they are hoping for a full recovery!! They gave us an animal identification number for it and phone number to check on it!! Aww now I feel like we have adopted a Duck!! So sweet, we hope to be there when it’s released into the wild!!

My kiddos were happy to know our Duck is safe and healing 🙂


If you’d like to make a contribution to this Wonderful organization it would be much appreciated. It takes a great deal Of time plus an average of 175.00 to care for each animal! Your donation at any amount would be so appreciated! Animals like our duck can continue to be rescued and released into the wild one day. The funds help cover the cost of medical treatment and food!  This is a private organization, it is not state or federally funded. You may donate by cash, check, credit card in phone.. website or mail.


Center for Wildlife PO BOX 620 Cape Neddick, ME 03902


to get info about this ducky# B102419

Thanks for reading and following along on our adventures!! Have a wonderful day!!








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