Turkeys rule the roads, bats rule the night’s sky right now! Love it!

It officially feels like spring in Maine, and don’t we just love it!!  I Absolutely love wildlife and I love seeing them out and about while I’m on the road and in my back yard!!  It’s also so beautiful to hear the beautiful sounds of the many birds too, and see the bats that have awakened and live in our woods!!!

So Mainers Not only stop for pedestrians but also stop for those cute turkeys! Again we Saw one with its plumage fanned out… wouldn’t I have loved to take a picture of that!! I couldn’t stop because I was on my way to drop the kids off at school and they would have been late but I did stop to let these ladies across the road!! So cute!



Wild turkeys can blend in to their surroundings so they can be really hard to see if they aren’t in the middle of the road!! Can you see them here in this pic?



I can’t tell you how much I love to see these guys flying around at night! Not only because they eat mosquitos but they are just so cool to have flying overhead! We had a lovely fire going in our back yard, when these fellas came out as the sun started to go down!!  So fascinating!


Had to share some of Maine’s wildlife with you! Hope you’re enjoying your spring and the many critters in your area too! Thanks for reading and following along!! Have a wonderful day!!












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