I love my New iPhone SE!!

Today was a great day!! Ive needed a new phone for a while! I’ve had my iPhone 5s for like forever but now I’m super excited about my iPhone SE! Thank you Nick at US Cellular, you helped me out & made my today!! Yay!

I had originally wanted an IPhone 11 max pro for it’s photographic abilities but one 256 with GB but it wasn’t available, it was out of stock. So because I needed a phone ASAP I looked at others, I noticed that I really liked having a home button!! Unfortunately the 11 doesn’t have it, so That’s when the SE because even more desirable!! Best part of this ordeal is I’m finding out the many features of the 11 pro including chip size, storage and build is the same minus the cost, screen size and cameras on the SE, I Love it!! I love the smaller size too!!

The hubbies only request is I buy a case before leaving the store!! ✅ Check!! Got that too!! I’m even starting to like the purple case i got too!

So if your looking for a great phone for a very good price, check out the iPhone SE!! I even got the 128GB upgrade! I take lots odd pictures!!


Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day! 😘👏

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