Getting out of the city, Lunch at Sunday River, “Camp” Grand Summit Hotel!!

Sunday River is situated in Newry Maine atop of beautiful scenery in the western Maine mountains!! It’s a place well known for skiing and snowboarding and outdoor activities and concerts!! I had the priviledge of getting out of the city for the day and Meeting up with a good friend for lunch and meeting Spanish speaking ones that are visiting 🙂 We had a wonderful time! I absolutely loved the woodys rustic lodge decorations through out the hotel and restaurant at the Grand Summit!! Here’s an idea of our adventure!



My Delicious Soup & Salad, Loved getting together with my dear friend Cheri! She lives mins from here!  Chicken & rice soup & field green salad!! With Balsamic Vinaigrette is what I had !! Cheri shared some of her sweet potatoes fries with me! Yummo!! I Also enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee!! Mason jar pictured here is what the use for water!! So cute!! I should have taken a picture of her yummy sandwich, she had the Beyond Burger, a plant based patty…. but unfortunately I didn’t…. oops!



This is the look of the restaurant called “Camp”


Totally representing the look and feel of the Maine woods, down to the flannel the employees were wearing!! Absolutely Loved it! Casual, Classic and timeless!!

So if you’re in the area or want to plan a ski vacation on the east coast, this is a wonderful place to visit for the day or the weekend!!  Apparently there are three base lodges to choose from and so many more places to eat yummy food…. You can go online and checkout the many other restaurants and Hotel packages within the resort as well..!!

Next time we visit I think I will take lessons with my daughter….heheheh it’s seems like forever ago that I’ve gone skiing!! ⛷ And I’m abit shy about falling and breaking my neck!! Lol!!

Thanks for visiting, Have a wonderful day!!




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