What to do to beat the heat; drive to where there’s water!! Super fun!!

So its summertime, yes!! Im sure you are like the rest of us and are  loving the warmer weather and having fun in the sun and all that summertime brings like no school and going to the beach right? How about hot and humid weather? Probably not that part!! I think this is like the worst weather, because you cant hardly breath!! Oh No!! So what to do, head for the water, beach, anything to cool off!! Thats when we get desperate to feel relief, right??  So thats what we did, and probably what most mainers did too! I saw pics of friends on instagram, there were quite a few people at the lake we were at!!

Some of my first experiences with this type of weather was here in Maine!! In Washington we have a more drier heat, i feel its alittle more bearable even though the temps can get past the 100’s although thats not comfortable either but this hot and humid is  much worse in my mind… horrible actually, it doesn’t help that you feel sticky all over too!! So after the ac didn’t do much to cool our home we headed to the lake!! It was awesome and a wonderful idea!!

The beautiful thing about Maine is that there are rivers, lakes and beaches and the ocean, all under an 1hr drive away from where i live and for most people because the state is narrowly shaped and the amount of rivers and lakes and even ponds nearby!! It is a truly amazing thing, back home we had a river close by and the nearest lake was probably 2 hrs away!! It wasnt’ our habit to get out much and enjoy nature either so it was a lose lose!! Lol!!  But here in maine they even make provisions so you could enjoy the outdoors and lakes here in Maine!! The state even offers Park passes to state parks and some have beaches, like Sebago Lake 🙂 thats beautiful too!!

On this outing we went to Tripp Lake, situated outside of Mechanic Falls!! It’s literally located off the side of the road!! Nothing fancy but so so nice for for anyone looking to just get out and cool off, also nice for families with kiddos because its a shallow part of the lake!! Unfortunately Pets were not allowed!! But Bruno loved being under the shade, much better than being hot at home, so my husband and i took turns watching him!! But he took a dip too before we went home at a place close to the public’s place to swim 🙂


The kiddos just loved the cool water, playing and throwing sand, as you can see here!! Lol! It was so refreshing and awesome to cool off!!


The scenery was so pleasant, and so refreshing and green too!! I love the trees, grasses and bushes…we even caught the sun going down…it was a beautiful sunset, but it was alittle different because it seemed like a cloud caught the sun just right so it reflected off the water and gave the allusion of an amplified sunset!! It was gorgeous!!


So when it gets hot, drive to where there’s water!! Getting outside and cooling off is a beautiful thing!! Love Maine, they dont call it vacationland for nothing!! Feeling pretty blessed to live here!! Hope your enjoying your summer, hope you can get out and enjoy nature in your area.. Im sure you can find places to visit near you and get out and enjoy the fresh air!!


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