Summertime Pasta Salad with an avocado flair!! Yummy!!

Looking for an easy delicious Pasta salad recipe?? Look no further!! I combined my love of egg salad and pasta with an avocado flair!! It is so delicious!!

What you’ll need
1 box of pasta 12 oz Garden ruffle
7 hardboiled eggs
½ large yellow onion
4 Roma tomatoes
1 cucumber
2/3c Mayo
2/3c Italian dressing
2 cups avocados
2 tsp lime or lemon juice

Optional: 1 cup diced cheese
1-2 cup ham

Serves 6-12 people 🙂

Cook pasta according to package directions; let cool
Hard boil eggs; place eggs in a single layer in a pot, cover with water about 2 inches more above the egg, bring to a boil, reduce heat 13 mins.. let cool, or run in cold water till cool.. peel shell and dice.. let cool
Dice onion, tomatoes, cucumber,
Mix pasta, eggs, onions, tomatoes, and cucumber
Add mayo and Italian dressing to pasta, toss together (you can add more mayo if you like alittle more creamy) my husband is not a mayo fan, but he
In separate bowl dice avocados and mix in lime juice, then mix into pasta salad!!

I absolutely loved this.. Yummo!! Goes great with your favorite bbq meat and/or veggies!! I purchased a bucket of fried chicken and tortilla chips to go with it!! And another time I brought this salad to a potluck!!! Yummo!!





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