Delightful camping meals, plus plant based options for you & me!

I’m so excited to share some meals ideas from what I cooked in the wilderness!!  Cooked on my camp stove or fire or that include my lentils cooked at home and brought with us on our camping trip! Most of my meals include a plant based option for me of course while the other family members usually get a meat option!!  Hope this helps when planning  your next camping trip 🙂

So when the family had hot dogs or hamburgers I had either a hummus patty or mushroom and lentil dog with bbq potatoes 🙂 when the family had pasta and turkey I had pasta and hummus, when we had a taco evening with organic grass fed taco meat I had a rice and bean burrito with salsa and avocado 🙂 yummy!! For breakfast we had either maple oatmeal or plant based blueberry pancakes and one day the boys had eggs too!! When we had soup and grilled cheese, I had soup and toast!!  However for our fish fry, we were living off the land for the most part on these meals so we all had to try that!!  My favorite fish is now rainbow brook trout!! So delicious and so worth trying and flexing my diet for!! Yummy yumm yumm!! Thanks boys for catching these! Yumm!!

I suggest if you can cook ahead of time and freeze your meals it’s so much easier!! Even freezing your lentils, and cooked taco meat!  If you use a brick of ice most meats Keep for the weekend :)….also freezing your meat And using it once it u throws the rest of your trip works best!!  Also bring along a meat thermometer especially when cooking over an open fire! You don’t want to get sick eating raw chicken especially!! And please please please bring your seasonings especially salt!! Lol!!  There’s a Funny story that goes with that… I forgot to pack salt so I had to settle for using condiments for flavor along with garlic, pepper, salt and chili powder until we could get into town!  Surprisingly we had a wonderful flavor of mustard, and bbq sauce for our first 4 days!! Loved that too!!  Here is a picture of some of our meals!! Enjoy !!


Happy camping!! Thanks for visiting!! Coming soon, pics of our wilderness remote camping adventure 🙂 Have a wonderful day!! Hope you’re well! Stay safe friends!!


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