Gearing up for wilderness Camping!! New items For this trip :)

We’re so excited to get away to the wilderness soon! We do a remote wilderness camping in Andover Maine on Richardson Lake!  Remote meaning we take our boat out to get to our camping spot!! It is so beautiful! We love it!,


When I first came out it was one of the most exciting things but I hated the rain and dampness, it’s been over 10 years now and I’ve even adapted to the rain and thunder/lightening!!

With camping though it’s so Important to be prepared, not only for camping itself but also for the elements and anything else that comes your way! This year with Covid 19 we do not plan to use the facilities at the campground so we need to plan for that as well!! So here’s what I’ve purchased for this years trip!

Outdoor shower!!

I will be setting up an outdoor shower… I’ll let you know how that goes! I seen a hack using a hula hoop and shower curtain and hooks that I’m using instead of pop up shower/changing tent!!

I went for the black bag to heat water better, we’ll see how it goes 🙂 if all fails the lake will be a step away 🙂

I will Picking up hula hoops at the Dollar store to make a shower ring!! I will pick up 1-3!!

     I’ve also purchased clips..

Every  year I love to decorate our camp site!! This is the theme for this year!!


This year I’m also trying out camping cookware!! We’ll see how that goes. Normally I bring what I have from my kitchen but we’re trying to simplify and go lighter, so Im starting out with a small set and will add more pieces if I like these for our next camping trip 🙂 I will also bring pots that have in my kitchen and my trusty cast iron skillet 🙂 (not the lightest but that’s ok)


If your planning a camping trip here’s a tip:
another must if your doing any camping is providing your self a shelter from rain or sun!! We love our easy up!! We put it above our picnic table!! You can’t have enough of these… we love them 🙂


Also tarps, rope and cords are super handy!! My husband uses ratchet strapping in very useful ways!!




I’m so excited for the adventures this summer brings!! Hope you have a wonderful summer! If you go to camping I hope you can enjoy the great outdoors!! Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day!!

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