Snowy Winter Wonderland, Enchanting Walks!

Today was a wonderful snow day, we loved watching the snow gently come down, it felt so peaceful…we even got to take a magical winter walk thru the woods! Even Bruno enjoyed it, except he turned out to be a moving target for my son! Lol but I think they both had fun! Lol!



I was also was able to take another walk by myself totaling a Mile around the block!!  I was glad to make it back home safe and sound.. it can be dangerous walking along the road in a snow storm especially due to low visibility! I was glad to be wearing a colorful jacket! I highly recommend a walking path instead, But for me it felt so nice to get outside and get my exercise in!! I was very careful…

I loved all the white surrounding me! It truly was a winter wonderland, so magical and serene!  There was like 2 cars that went by me, and thankfully no plows!! Yaaas!!

When I got home, my face was so wet, from the snow hitting it  from all directions!! I laughed and was grateful I didn’t live far and that I wasn’t lost like some would be back in the prairie days if they were outside and had to travel or something!!

Anyways it’s always great to play in the snow, walk in the woods and get fresh air!! Hope you can take advantage of that too!!

Hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed your outdoor activity wherever you may be found, thanks for visiting!!


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