When your body says you need to rest!!

Hola there!! How are you all?? Isn’t it true we all have our to do lists? Our errands, our schedules, and our activities planned for our day!! For many of us exercise is a huge part of our day, isn’t it true?? But what about if you get sick?  Do you tend to take it easy?? How about if you’ve been home for a week & your daughter has made a red velvet & chocolate frosted cake & did I mention lots of cookies, What do you do??  Eat them of course!! Lol😂😂 But isn’t it true that for these reasons Sometimes we want to get back into our routines maybe alittle too quickly?? So We really need to listen to our bodies!! Best thing to do is just that, listen to your body & rest!!

What about if you’ve been sick with COVID? Unfortunately that’s been my deal!! It is very easy to want to get back on the exercise bandwagon however it’s important to listen to your body! Remember that getting better is more important than your mile or miles?? It is so important to take care of your self so you’re able to recooperate! Your body has been fighting a criminal virus!! It’s criminal because it has hijacked our world!! An unwanted virus too!! Lol😂 So as I started out with high hopes but after a brief jog I noticed my back hurt so I started walking then I realized oh wow it hurts alittle more… so back home I went!! Could it be my lymph nodes, muscles issues, or both?? I Will find out soon but I will listen to my body and take it easy!! Your jog can still take place once you’re better!! So go ahead & wait till then 🙂 because I am going to!! But be sure to still get some fresh air & even a change of scenery is good 🙂 as long as you can do it safely!! so go ahead & go outside that’s good for you but save your jog for later!!

Hope you’re safe & healthy!! If you’re sick with Delta, Omicron or any other virus or illness hope you feel better soon!!

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