Bon Voyage


So excited for our trip!! With so many things to make sure to check off our list, i took some time to take a picture to celebrate our departure and take a breather!!

What do you think of when you look at this picture?

My husband says he looks at the picture and thinks it says, why go on vacation, lets stay home and go fishing!! Lol!! Hahaha…. he would love that!! all kidding aside it really is fun to go on vacation, and experience new things! just getting away from the normal grind is a thought that evokes breathing in some fresh air & feeling rejuvenated!! I cant wait to see my Family, friends & some of my favorite places like the Space Needle and Pikes Place Market!! It’s going to be fun!!

We were asked at a travel club presentation one time where we normally travel to for vacations!! Interestingly others in the group named off their many adventures, like Mexico and other places but we mostly travel to Washington State to visit family!! For me living so far away from my friends and family it is where I love to go on vacation!! We visit family and enjoy the sights in that area!! Washington really is a beautiful state, there are a lot of things to do there!!

Please if you’re invited to participate in a travel club presentation promising large discounts, free airline tickets and a free hotel stay just for attending, it’s probably a scam!! If it’s too good to be true, it really isn’t true!! That’s a totally different story I will share with you guys later!!

So this trip is no different in that we will be going to Washington state & Oregon!! On This trip my niece is graduating, so proud of her!!! So because were going out for the graduation we will be visiting a little bit earlier in the year!! My kiddos will be absent for a few days but the principal assured me it was ok!! So glad!

Living in Maine now for over 19 years and having traveled to and from my home state during this time, I’ve learned a lot about traveling!!

Our best flights have been from Boston Massachusetts!! Portland Maine is convenient but prices are a little higher. One thing that has been so helpful is using the shuttle to the airport in Boston!! We’ve taken the Concord Coachlines shuttle to Logan International Airport which took about 2hrs.. not bad… you can leave your car there in Portland Maine for a reasonable fee, hop on the bus and away you go!! You are even dropped off at your airline area!

The bus ride is very pleasant, with a movie, bottle of water & small bag of Pretzels, It’s actually pretty fun!! My kiddos love it too!! On the way back you just have to go out to the bus area and look for your bus line… checking the schedule is very helpful!

On this trip we are leaving so early the bus isn’t available, so our friend will drive with us and drive our car home 🙂 Thanks Rick!! Our flight leaves at 6:30am!! Yikes!! So we need to be there around 4:30am..

Jet Blue:

We Just love Jet Blue!! We love them even more because they have a direct flight to Seattle!! Yay!! Also they have the nicest snacks, and they even offer you seconds:). Since meals are no longer provided, most airline companies offer you a beverage and maybe pretzels and peanuts or a cookie but Jet blue offers you different types of chips And wi-fi, I absolutely love this!! Wow!!! I think I’m going to apply for their frequent flyer program!! I’m not sure why I haven’t!!


Here are a list of complimentary snacks on our trip!! Yumm!!! We especially like the Terra Sweets and Blues potato chips!!


Cheez-It® Crackers
Rold Gold® Pretzels
PopCorners® Popcorn Chips
Belgian Boys® Choc O’ Chip Cookies
TERRA® Sweets & Blues™ potato chips


Complimentary cold beverages
Coke® / Diet Coke® / Coke Zero® / Sprite® / Sprite Zero®
Seagram’s® Ginger Ale
Seagram’s® Seltzer Water
Seagram’s® Tonic Water
Ocean Spray® Cranberry Juice Cocktail
Ocean Spray® Orange Juice
Ocean Spray® Apple Juice
Ocean Spray® Pineapple Juice
Campbell’s® Tomato Juice
Mr. & Mrs. T Bloody Mary Mix
Fuze Iced Tea®
Dasani™ Bottled Water


A Non stop flight from Boston Mass to Seattle will take apx 5 hours and 15 mins!!! With the 3 hr difference in time zones we leave at 6:30am and arrive at 9:30 am!! That’s a long trip but we can close our eyes and wake up in Seattle!! That’s pretty amazing really!! But the timing seems like it’s a faster ride!! Love how that happens!

Bags, snacks, and toiletries are packed!! Got the kiddos and Bruno our fur baby will be taken care of by our good friend Rick and we are off!! Bon voyage!!

STAY TUNED for places to stay while traveling and Party in a box ideas 🙂 -gisel

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