Escape to New York City!! We love being Tourists!!

Getting back home from our vacation, I’m reflecting on some of our highlights from our New York City trip!! We did so much, it was alittle tiring driving home but it was so worth it!! We have so many beautiful and fun memories!! One day we went to the Natural History Museum and spent some time in Central Park and visited Krafts Delicatessen!! We also took a Tour around the city in a Double-Decker bus and absolutely loved it!! Then we went to the observatory on the Empire State Building!! Oh my, it was very high up, even though we only went to the 86th floor!! Yikes that was high but totally amazing!! We got our tickets thru Groupon for the Tour and Empire State Building!! Well worth it!! Thanks Groupon!!



Natural History Museum was awesome!! I especially enjoyed the dinosaur exhibit!! It’s just wow!! I cant even believe there are that many fossils in one place!!  There was so much to see, it was awesome!! Kids loved it too!! They got a kick of the Island people and some of their artwork and statues!! For lunch, we took a break outside where street vendors sold Gyros and fruit smoothies!! Yumm!! Prices are more reasonable than cafeteria and cafe there!! Yummy!! Unfortunately Im not able to share many pictures from this Museum to respect thier wishes.. but you can see entrance and lobby and I’ve included a picture of a hallway!!


We had a wonderful time visiting Times Square in Manhattan, New York City on foot and on the bus!! Loved the all the colors and lights and people!! There were so many people!! But it was amazing taking a Gray Line Double-Decker bus tour!! Loved the open sky and the ability to take it all in!! Even my husband could enjoy because he wasn’t driving!!  We did the Panaramic Night Tour taking us to by the Empire State Building, Chinatown, Little Italy, Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge, Greenwich village, Dumbo, Manhattan Bridge, One World Trade Center, United Nations, Soho and so many more places!! Super amazing


Our tour guide was amazing!! So informative and fun!! I was a little worried at first because he was from Korea and had a strong accent so we couldn’t understand him but the more he spoke the clearer and easier it was to understand!! I loved how he even got my kiddos and the tour group involved!! He had my kids speak into the microphone and say “Spiderman” random but cute!! Then he proceeded to use his list of where we are from and had us cheer for our state or country!! For example for our family he said, “Viva Maine” of course i cheered the loudest!! Lol!! Pakistan wasn’t to thrilled!! Lol!!


The Empire State Building was amazing!! We did the night tour and the lights were magical from high up, simply mesmerizing!! My husband and I celebrated our 18th Anniversary so we had to take some pictures at the top!! Smooch… my daughter got a kick out of it!! She’s 8!! Lol!! That was so much fun!! My son is finding out hes alittle afraid of heights, so even though he loved being so high up, he was alittle nervous!! He thought tumbledown was scary, this is a mountain he climbed and was terrified when we got to the top…he thought he was going to fall because we had such an amazing view.. 360 of the area in one spot practically!! So he thought the Empire State Building was scarier!! Lol!!

I feel pretty blessed to have been able to go on this trip and spend time with friends, if youre ever in New York City or plan to take a trip there, I highly recommend any or all of these fun activities!!

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