The Dempsey Challenge, Spirit of Generosity and Compassion & Ways that you can get involved!!


This past Weekend marked the 10th year Anniversary of the Dempsey Challenge in Lewiston Maine!! This year the Fundraiser has raised more than 1.2 million dollars and counting, according to the announcement at the close of the Challenge!! The amount of support and the compassion shown by the more than 3200 participants, and over 700 volunteers was truly outstanding as well!!! I loved the vibe of the entire community, a community coming together to help those affected by Cancer!

Honk if you have Cancer, cheerleaders!!


This post you will get a taste of that generous and compassionate spirit, get information on how you can show your support and get a feel of the Challenge for next year if you’d like to participate!!

On September 29, and 30th marked the 10th year of this amazing event to support the Dempsey Center’s in Maine!! Patrick Dempsey, a well known actor is the founder of this center, which provides prevention, education and support to Cancer Patients and their families!! All services are Provided at no cost to anyone!!

Patrick Dempsey closed the challenge Sunday in an amazing way, being ever so thankful, he gave an inspiring speech with a stage full of pretty amazing and generous people!! Many of those made large contributions to the event!! There was a lot of enthusiasm at Simard-Payne Park that afternoon!!



Participate in the Challenge:

To get involved: Participants can either Bike 10, 25, 50, 70, and 100 miles and/or Walk or Run 5k/10k!! Or donate directly  You can also be a virtual donar and get all the perks of participating in the challenge!!

It is a challenge because the events are non competitive!!

Some of the perks this year was The Lobster trap tent, Lobster Meal!! How delicious is that after a hard workout!!! 


And Gritty’s & Baxter Brewing, Finish Line Beer Garden; Beer!! Pretty awesome!! That’s a nice reward after crossing the finish line!! 


You can show your Support too!!

This really is a wonderful event to have a share in!! I was not able to do the challenge myself this year but hope to be able to do it next year!!  The dates were announced for 2019!! If you want to take part, you can make arrangements to be in Lewiston, Maine September 28th and 29th 2019!!


There are various ways to  Volunteer in the Challenge as well as at the Dempsey Center!! Visit the to sign up, fill out the volunteer online form!!

One special individual has volunteered in a special way by setting up a special rest stop for bicyclist since 2013!! This year unfortunately Patrick couldn’t stop and take a picture with her, so she took one with her collage she put together!! So cute!!


Linda Lee!! She “Volunteers for the rider!!! Patrick Dempsey is a perk” She wants to encourage those in the challenge, “don’t thank me, they’re doing the work!!



What an amazing way to show you care and support others, including those you love, or have lost to Cancer, than to get involved with raising money to help others or volunteering to help directly or indirectly those suffering with Cancer!!

My buddy Frank was diagnosed with Cancer a couple years ago and benefited from the Center in Lewiston!! I was able to visit the center, I think its a wonderful resource for the community!!

So now we know what we can do to help The Dempsey Centers in Maine, and join the many that are already doing so!!

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