Winter Wonderland in Washington State!! Oh my!!

Wow!! Here in Maine it was a spring like day Tuesday, meanwhile in Central Washington (State) it was a winter wonderland!!

The Yakima Herald reported 10 inches of snow in Yakima Tuesday morning and it was still snowing!! Wowza!! This is pretty awesome because they normally get a dusting of snow if they are lucky!! I love snow and am missing our snow storms….but I must say the sunshine and warmth felt so so nice!!

The West Coast is experiencing what our weather would normally be like here on the east coast!! My dad was ecstatic because he loves snow!! However He said the roads were covered and plows were struggling with the large amounts of snow…Ooh oh… There have been reports of numerous accidents too!! Not good! Be safe everyone because there is more forecasted  for this area!!

Here are some of my moms beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing mom!! Love you and Pancho! đź’“

My Mom & Step-dad are so cute! They love Jehovah God’s (Gods name in the Bible) beautiful creation displayed with snow, an awesome masterpiece!! I do too! Glad you could enjoy it over there on the opposite coast as us….Yay!!

It’s amazing how mediating on the beauty around you, can help relieve anxiety and stress and bring on feelings of appreciation and love!! Hope you can get out and enjoy the beauty of winter too, wherever you may be found!!

Thanks for visiting!! Have a wonderful day! Stay warm too!!




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