Super Bowl Championship Parade, a view from my tablet!!

Today was a very exciting day for the Patriots and the city of Boston, with the Super Bowl Championship Parade!! Go Patriots!! Boston expected a million people for the Parade!! Wowza, that’s a lot of people!! So Exciting!!

People came from all over the place like Atlanta Georgia and I’m sure from other places.. one fellow was pictured from Oregon apologizing to professors for missing his college classes…According to!! Check out the pictures they’re great!! Another young kid had a sign he missed school because he had Brady-Itis!! Cute!!

Unfortunately I couldn’t go this time, the journalist in me wanted to go so bad plus being a Fan would have loved to join in all the excitement!!  Definitely planning for next time… with some of my patriots girl-buddies and family!! My kids totally wanted to go this time!! My son was so convincing he says” it won’t be the same mom, Gronk will be retiring” My 8 year old daughter said she wanted to go to the parade because in her sweet little voice,  “I want to say hi to Brady, and say hi to Edelman and Gronk” next time sweetheart!! So cute!!

I love Boston anyway but it would have been super-amazing to watch the Parade live!! The energy must have been awesome!!

What nice about living in Maine is how easy It is to get to Boston if you don’t want to drive!! So it would have been totally doable!! The Amtrak Downeaster-train and Concord Coach lines, bus line…just 2 hrs away from Portland Maine!! So for sure next time!! South station being about 8 mins from the center of the festivities!! So my girls and I are planning a trip to Gillette/ Patriots place soon instead!!

Not able to attend or want to see what the hype is all about, check out,,


I must say it was still nice watching from home, the spring like weather here is amazing, and still got to spend time with special friends and do my volunteer work!! Yay!!

Thanks for visiting!! Have an awesome day!! 😘

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