Fight the calories and pounds by Walking it off!!

I’m happy to be able to finally write a walking post again!! 🙌🏼 It’s been way to long since I’ve posted one, if you don’t already know I’ve been on recovery mode these days!! It’s been over a month now since my surgery and I can finally get moving again!! And the Costochondritis has subsided too Yuppie!! That is an inflammatory condition between ribs and chest!! Please try not to get’s awful!! I’m so excited to say Im walking again and this makes me so happy!!

Todays Walk was amazing,, it was a summer like day here in Maine… a scorching 50 degrees!! Lol!! Hahaha…ok more like spring but the sun, ahhh the sun!! It felt soo good shinning on my face… Many People are wondering what’s happened to the snow, well we have none! It’s either melted or we have very little in some places here in central and southern Maine!! Hopefully we’ll get some soon but for today, we’ll enjoy the warmer weather!! Love it!


Walking helps shed the pounds


Im just going to say being seditary and eating the wrong foods or larger amounts of food is a Great way to put on pounds and start forming bulges!! I hate that!! I can gain weight very easy, how about you?? But walking can help shed those unwanted pounds!!

It’s hard to resist temptation sometimes!! What’s your temptation? Apple crisp is my weakness at the moment.. We had so many apples I’ve already made 3 batches! I also had a house guest making all kinds of yummy food, fried bread galore… and other yummy foods to temp me by…i haven’t gained much but I can feel it….does that happen to you??  But never fear you can always shed those unwanted pounds!!

I love that our bodies are created to be active and change accordingly…Walking is a wonderful way to stay slim! I’m also adding exercises to tone my mid section and stomach area!  Pinterest has some simple exercises or you can search the web for follow along routines to try!!  Yaas!!  Maybe you can whittle your middle section if you need to too!! Best wishes!!

Thanks for reading!! Have a wonderful day!!





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