Winter hiking in Rangeley, an adventure Trail & Smalls Falls!

One of our adventures while in Rangeley took us sight seeing and enjoying more of Gods creation, the beautiful landscapes in the area & waterfalls!! We even got a winter hike in!! This was one of our fun activities while visiting Rangeley Maine with friends!!

We So loved getting outside, hiking and enjoying the beautiful frozen waterfalls at Smalls Falls 15 mins outside of Rangeley!!

Smalls Falls is a wonderful place for a picnic in the summertime, the picnic area was closed when we visited but we walked in and enjoyed the picnic table and hike with friends anyways!!

Smalls Falls is a series of small waterfalls that flow into pools of water!! It is So pretty, especially now that it’s wintertime it looks like streams of frozen water, frozen downward some parts look like the falls are suspended in the air and frozen in time!!! They say it’s a great place to go swimming in the summertime!! We hope to come back again then!!




Cascade Stream Gorge Trail

This is a short and easy 1 mile loop,  where you’ll enjoy scenic waterfalls along the trail..of course in the winter they are frozen falls a lot like Step falls!!! Still so pretty!! We had an enjoyable winter hike here!! The kids loved exploring!!


Both were wonderful excursions if you’re ever in the Rangeley Maine area, it’s worth looking into! It’s always wonderful getting outside, and into nature!!  Hope you’re having your own outdoor excursions and enjoying the beauty around you!! I’m so happy to share the beauty of Rangeley with you!! Thanks for visiting and following along! Have a wonderful day!!



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