Spring Daffodil & Fiddlehead/Fern Vibes 🌼

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Our inspiration comes from our walk yesterday!! It was a bit overcast but it was still lovely to get outside after homework and my volunteer work!! I love our daily walks & hope to one day be able to run our 2.4 mile route…my kiddos love our walks too!! Here are some neat things we saw along our path that I wanted you to enjoy with us! Fiddleheads & Daffodils!


These are Fiddleheads… although I am not too familiar with these guys I learned that only the ostrich ferns are edible and are foraged during this time of year.. it’s a delicacy that I haven’t tasted and hadn’t even heard of before moving to Maine!!  One of the pictures is maybe a type of fiddlehead but it isn’t edible, I’m thinking I’ll check the stem of the furry one to see if it has an indentation tomorrow!! Many people eat Fiddleheads in the world and are wildly growing in many parts of the eastern parts of the us and Canada.  I’m still learning to identify them,  learning how to break them off and learned that ostrich fern fiddleheads are what’s eaten at the beginning stages before the ostrich ferns blossoms 🙂 how interesting!! Maybe I’ll pick one tomorrow and try it!! I hear they have a taste of their own and can’t be described…I guess we’ll have to try them!!



What a lovely change of scenery for us Mainers & hopefully for you too..a little piece of our woods for you to enjoy!! Here in Maine it was cold and chilly for a while and now we’re enjoying signs of spring like these Daffodils and Fiddleheads!!  Simple things to brighten our days, hope your healthy & Safe!! I’m so delighted you can stop in for a visit and I find it so exciting that people from all over the world visit this blog too!! Thank you!!  Have a wonderful day!!


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