Taco Dinner Party Fun!! What to do when the weather gets alittle hot!!

Just picture it!! It’s  hot & humid, almost 90 and youre just starting to think hmm maybe today wasn’t the best day for a hot meal, i think as I drive everything, i mean half my kitchen sink…to the Cabin!! But it turned out to be just perfect!! We’re situated outside of town surrounded by trees!! Yay!! And a breeze… what!! It was so lovely, sitting under the gazebo!!! Tacos alfresco style and a special Enchilada for our guests.. so yummy!! Modelo and wine helped to make the evening run smoothly too!!

So its hot, no problem just take the party outside!! Find some shade and enjoy your meal and company too!! Gazebos or easy up’s make the best place to have an easy outdoor patio like atmosphere!! Hang some lights, decorate your table.. I used napkins to dress the table up, fiesta style.. every bright and had some light hanging and red plates!! Always a great thing when your eating mexican food!! Set up a beverage station and a food station and wa laaaa.. you can just sit back and relax…. And most of all have fun!!

We had so much fun hanging out and relaxing with friends over a Mexican taco meal@ our Country Cabin!! I was just writing about how cooking is really a labor of love, i think especially if your making an Authenic Meal!! But when its cooked with Love it goes by faster and you’re able to accomplish your Dinner Goal!! Everything turned out beautifully!! To keep everything warm i used crockpots and the grill came in handy to keep tortillas and my homemade taco shells warm!! The enchiladas finished cooking on the grill too! Yay!! Only problem was they got stuck to the bottom just alittle but still was delicious!! ..


Crunchy tacos with picadillo filling, rice and beans, with shredded lettuce!! Yumm! Meal wasnt’ complete without coleslaw and all the fixings; cheese, sour cream, homemade guacamole and different salsas and Of course to spice it up a notch, hot sauce!! Yummy

For dessert we had cupcakes made with the Ghiradelli brand cake mix!! Im telling you they were surprisingly gourmet!! So delicious!!

So no fear alittle humidity didn’t spoil our fun!! We had a blast and we so enjoyed our Mexican dinner!! Always fun to dine with friends 🙂 so have fun, with your own outdoor parties!! Thanks for reading, hope your having a great summer!!  Feel free to leave me a a comment, Like, follow our blog, or share!! Thanks!!

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