Good, awesome!! Good Boy Bruno!!

Look who’s taking a class????? So proud of Bruno!! We’re taking the Petco Adult level 1, Dog class!! It’s been a wonderful experience for both Bruno and Me and the kids!! We’re learning how to train Bruno to be an obedient dog!! It’s really a class for the both of us, Pets & Owners!!  We’ve only taken two classes and are benefiting greatly, I highly recommend that all dog owners and their pups and adult dogs take this class!!

Bruno is 11 months old, and he’s totally enjoying the class!!  He loves all the treats hes earning and loves getting to know other dogs!! Here Bruno is the dog used as an example for something!! I was so proud!! Lol!!


While on one of our training walks around the store, poor dog had an accident! Oops!! But no worries we found out that Petco has a special station for that!! Yay!


F9362D1F-0965-4E26-8D02-2805B48F35B7So Till next class, for now we are  working on a few skills!! Thanks for reading!! Have a great day!!


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