Dempsey Challenge Preparations!

This weekend is going to be awesome in the Lewiston Auburn area with many people from all over the place meeting up to support the Dempsey Center and participate in the Dempsey Challenge!! Best wishes to the participants, hope you all have a wonderful time and Enjoy the many perks for participating! Helping a wonderful cause is a huge one but also How about the Lobster last year!!

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to participate in this event but my goal is to start next year, if there continues to be a challenge that is!! This year snuck up on me, and my hubby has a function at his work tomorrow too! Boo boo!! Hope you decide to join me next year too! If you’re interested private message me! I would love that!! I think I’m going to involve my family too! It’s a great motivation to get into shape as well!! A win-win!! Love it!!

The challenge is a walk/Run/Bicycle non competitive fundraiser to benefit the Dempsey Centers In Maine, with a location in Lewiston and the other in South Portland! Cancer is such an awful disease, but this center offers free services to cancer patients and their families!! I think this is so awesome!! So if want to make a private donation or get involved or sign up visit  or

So today, preparations are under way for this awesome event! Here’s what it looked like at Simard-Payne Park! I love the vibe with this event, it’s all about support and spreading feel good vibes and Love!! I love the banner placed on the bridge too, full  of encouraging words for those loved ones dealing with this disease 🙂 good job guys

So hope you have a wonderful day, even if you can’t participate why not think about doing something nice for someone who needs encouragement!! Even just a smile 🙂 people would appreciate!! Thanks for reading and following along 🙂

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