Ginormous Bonfire Benefit!! Another visit to Long Sands beach, York Maine!!

In my last post I told you about the concert we attended and how our adventure began in York Maine then we headed to Freeport from there!! So instead of listening to  a band called Murlock and roasting s’mores at a ginormous bonfire to benefit the York Pantry, we listened to the amazing Gavin Degraw!! So here’s the rest of the story with details of our beloved beach excursion!! If only we could have done both!!


Long Sands Beach


It was such a beautiful day to visit the Beach again! My husband hadn’t gone to this beach before so we decided to introduce him to Long Sands Beach before he headed back to work!!  It was a beautiful sight to see so many visitors enjoying the last days of summer!! If you didn’t already know it, I love people and being around the buzz of activity around me!!  Long Sands reminds me of the California Coast, I love it there!!




One Of the critters we found along the ocean shore as we walked and explored the beach, were crabs!! Good sized ones too… my daughter would have loved to bring one home but we had to tell her to put them back in the water, she found several and one was even missing it’s claws.. aww poor thing but we couldn’t bring that one home either… sorry bella!! She’s 9!! Bella’s very careful  and kind, while my son wanted to play bowling with seagulls!! We had to explain to him although 12, we don’t want to unnecessarily harm animals, so no we can’t bowl with seagulls even though they can be pests!! Lol!!





One of the coolest things we encountered when we arrived at long Sands was people gathered and busily working in bright green shirts setting up what looked like a Bonfire!! A super large one!! And near the shower house was a band setting up!! Turns out it was a function featuring a band called the Murdock’s with a bonfire being lite and hotdog and hamburger meals to benefit the York Food Bank!! So cool!! So although we didn’t attend this year I’m going to keep an eye for dates set for next year!! Maybe you can too!! The Annual Bonfire was presented on August 31st by Graystone Builders of Maine and raised $12846 for YCSA York Community Service Association Food Pantry!! Yay¡!!

I loved meeting the drummer from the MurLocks and Carl, a smiling and kind volunteer helping set up the bonfire!!  He graciously posed for me 🙂




So that was our busy, wild and wonderful Saturday adventuring in Maine!!  Thanks so much for reading and following along 🙂 Hope you can support your local food bank or person in need of a helping hand in whatever way you can!!  Have a wonderful day!!


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