Good Weekend Vibes!! Have a Wonderful day!!

Hey there!! How’s your week going?? Hope everyone’s having a great one, I’m so looking forward to a busy but fun filled weekend!! Unfortunately I’m fighting a cold… boo boo! But what I want to focus on is Good Vibes and continuing with the weekend plans., I’ve been staying away from friends for a couple of days now so hopefully after tonight’s rest I’ll be even better!!

Sending you all Good vibes for your weekend, and this  very lovely bouquet  💐 of flowers for your eyes to enjoy, given to me for hosting a small dinner party!! How sweet was that!! Melted my heart!! Thanks Judy!! I made a taco meal complete with homemade guacamole that day!! Yummo!! The bouquet was so pretty just had to Share!! Do flowers make you happy? It can brighten up our day for sure!! Have you received a sunflower as part of your bouquet? Isn’t that just a special touch?? I so loved this little bouquet!!

So if you’re having a bad day I know we all have them….try to focus on the good things around you! For me today it is absolutely gorgeous out, it’s a pretty fall day here in New England, and have so many things to be thankful for and feel blessed with!! Hope you can feel the same way too!!


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