So much fun with Gavin Degraw In Freeport Maine!! LLBean concert series!!

6AF4E243-D68C-4B02-93A8-B70ACF32C5A7.jpegWhat an awesome show this weekend in Freeport Maine, Gavin Degraw (singer, songwriter) performed for LLbean’s Free Concert Series, Summer In the Park!! I was so impressed at how awesome his voice sounded and what a wonderful performer he was! I am a total fan now, I even loved songs I hadn’t even heard before! The kiddos loved it too, It was their first real concert!! Glad we went, my husband had really wanted to go.. Here are a few clips for you to enjoy!!

A  cool detail about these series is not only are the concerts free and presented by MasterCard but the LLBean grounds are smoke free!!! Yay!! I love that!! Another cool thing was the drummer was from Yakima Washington, I’ve lived there before, it’s near my home town,!!  Yay!!

So although the series has come to an end for the summer, we’re looking forward to next year and finding out what star comes to Maine!!!










So our night ended humming tunes by Gavin Degraw but the funny part was that our adventures really started in York Maine that day, I’ll tell you about how we chose Gavin Degraw over The Murlocks and a Bonfire…sorry guys but I’ll tell you about that on the next post!!

We are so loving the vacation mode were in and it’s still going strong through this long Labor Day weekend Lol!  Thanks for Reading and following along 🙂 Have a wonderful day!!

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