Gorgeous Lakeside Walk & New Beginnings!!

This morning marked the third day that my kiddos went off to school, so I’m back to getting my walks in!! I just love it, fresh air and the beauty of nature!! Although we take family walks, it’s so nice to get out and rejuvenate your mind and do something good for you!  Getting out an exercising can be challenging sometimes and often we have to pick right up and/or set new goals… what are yours?? I like to think of it as, it’s a New school year, so it’s time for a new you!!

My goals, to regularly walk.. and do activities that build more muscle! I want to be a strong lady, ok stronger to avoid injuries.. currently I’m still tending to an old wound on my foot, a plantar plate tear that is mostly healed…Boo hoo.. so walking is my go to activity for now.. we did a long hike this summer and I was very proud of my also weak knees, they did great going down, I think because we took regular bicycle rides that strengthened our quads… yay!

Anyways I hope you have some new goals for this school year, if your wanting to lose some weight or just get out and exercise more regularly… good luck! If you already have an exercise program, keep up the good work!

Here are some pics from my walk along the lake, it was gorgeous being surrounded by so much green! The branches of trees meeting in the middle of the road making an almost canopy to walk thru! So beautiful!



The Lake was stunning today, it glistened on this sunny day!


So two miles walked today, and  I loved it!


Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day!!

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