Walking in the rain!! Look I was in the paper! Thanks for making my day Daryn!!

Thanks for making my day Daryn Slover of the Lewiston Sunjournal!! A couple days ago I was enjoying my walk and taking pictures of the foggy landscape!! It was so beautiful along the river Walk! As I’m heading back to my car… a funny thing happened.. I saw someone in front of me take pictures facing my way!! At first i didn’t know what to think and as I get closer I ask if I’m in the way, he responds,  “no,  you’re doing great”!   It totally made my day to find out he was a super nice fellow originally from Ohio, photographer/reporter for the Lewiston Sunjournal!!


So on this foggy & rainy winter day, He didn’t get a picture of someone with an umbrella which he was looking to capture, it was me and my red coat!!

On this day, it was abnormally warmer than most days, it was foggy and rainy too!!  During my walk I was trying hard not to fall on the glare ice in spots along the walkways!! Yikes!! At times I was slipping and sliding  all over the place, glad he didn’t get that!! Later I read in the paper, it made for similar conditions on the turnpike, which made for dangerous driving in places!!


Here’s Daryn’s picture of me!! I love it!!

It had been drizzly when I was out walking but later that afternoon it turned into a downpour!! So I was able to capture a picture of an umbrella, here’s a picture for you Daryn!! Thanks again to my new friend Daryn!! It was great to meet you!!

Winter downpour! 

The Sunjournal, is published in Lewiston Maine where the Maine office is located!! According to Wikipedia it covers the west of Maine, the paper maintains satellite news and sales bureaus in the Maine towns of Farmington, Norway and Rumford. Circulation  is approximately 18,600!


I must say the news around here is better, way better than news in Washington state 🙂

Thanks for Reading! Hope you’re enjoying your outdoor adventures in all types of weather too!! Have a wonderful day!!





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