How to create beautiful Backdrops on a budget!!

Backdrops for pictures are lots of fun, they take your party from fun to fabulous!!!!   I’m having a blast making them for weddings, all types of parties, and anniversaries!! My favs so far have included an attention grabbing balloon garland!! I Absolutely love them!!  With alittle time and effort you can use very inexpensive materials to create a masterpiece of your own!! Here are a few tips and ideas I’ve tried in the past!! Also here are some ideas found on, an affiliate of mine 🙂

1. Using Plastic Tablecloths

Probably the easiest to use!! Use two or three depending on size desired of your backdrop and decorate as wanted!!  Add decoration/balloons or flowers to personalize!!  I added tissue paper flowers to the black backdrop, a silver garland hanging down and twinkle lights and to the gold one; balloons, paper shaped hearts i cut out, two tissue paper flowers and a she said yes garland I found at Walmart…. I think they Turned out Pretty!!

2. Backdrops using Balloon Garlands

Probably one of my favs!! Takes alittle time but with helpers like my kiddos… you’ll be done in no time!! Practice the technique for visual measures or give yourself enough time to adjust as you go!!

Pick your color and style! Or put colors together add any flowers or greenery….that’s what I do!!

 Go on and you’ll see a variety of balloon garland kits to choose from!!

3. Backrops using paper or flower Garlands

Check out your local dollar store for paper dollar garlands to go with your theme.. wedding, Anniversary, Football, baby shower or themed parties.. Etc. Etc. Or Walmart and/hobby lobby…or

4. Backdrops using Fabric, queen sized sheet

Draping fabric held together by contact hooks!! Why not!! Looks fab with a little drape in the middle!! I found a gold queen sized sheet that looked perfect for pics for our 10 th yr anniversary..drape in the middle and waaa laaaa!! You can do that too!

 Check out variety of colors to choose from here!! Also a variety of designer sheets to choose from!!

5. DIY draw your own backdrop!!


How about drawing a pic of your theme on your backdrop!! Yaaas!! Just use a queen sized sheet, permanent marker and felt!! Waaalllaaaa!! I practiced on white paper then transferred to the felt!!  I eyeballed it all!! I thank Matt Tavares for this creation and positive encouragement that I can draw, anyone can!! What do you think? This is probably one of my favs!! I made this for my sons outdoor/fishing party, it was his 6 th grade promotion party!!  We had a blast!!

6. Fabric and Spray Paint!!

Delight your guest with a homemade work of art, just get another queen sized sheet and spray paint….you can even paint on a plastic drop cloth!!! Yay!!


So i hope your gathering is made a success by trying out some of these DIY ideas!! Best wishes…..

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful day!!

Things I recommend to make backdrops quick, easy and elegant;  photography backdrop stand, twinkle lights, glue gun, contact hooks, safety pins and zip ties!!


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