I love walks, it helps you unwind and destress during this crazy time!!

The walks we’ve been taking around our area in Maine have been wonderful this week!!  They have proved to be much needed breaks from our self quarantine, school closure days causes by outbreaks of the Coronavirus (COVid-19)in Maine! We’re four days in now and it’s been unreal how quickly our lives have changes!! We’re trying to focus on the protective measures in place to combat this virus but also on wonderful things we can do with all this free time like walking helps to helps us keep a positive attitude!!

I suggest enjoying a wonderful walk to help you relax alittle and destress, you will love it!!  Your kids will love it too! I’ve enjoyed seeing more and more Mainers doing the same!! Good for you guys!! The hardest part is getting out your door, it always is but once you’re out and about you will enjoy taking in the fresh air and beautiful nature around you!!

Today I really enjoyed listening to the birds singing….different songs from different birds all around us…and the sound of trees swaying in the breeze!!  There’s  always something new to appreciate even walking in the same places!!  When we reflect on our breathing and use our senses it help give us a in the moment feeling!! It’s a good feeling to slow our minds down and get some peace from all the worlds and your own worries!!

Hope you are all well and enjoying all this free time and creative time to be with the kiddos!!  Hope you’re healthy too!!


Thanks for visiting, have a great evening!

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