Mango & Orange smoothie reward for today’s workout!!

WowZa, hope you are doing well!! After a 2.4 mile walk, my kids and I managed to get back in time for my daughters exercise club on zoom!! We enjoy getting outside & getting fresh air!! Today we even did our cart wheels!! Are you ever too old for gymnastics?? 😂

Well After a second days of intense exercise with her X club group from school I made myself a treat!! I made myself a much deserved Mango & Orange smoothie!! I added coconut & almond milk to frozen mangos and orange juice!! Yummy!!

The kids had icees 🙂 they loved those!!

Hope you all had a wonderful day!! Hope you can have a healthy drink after alittle bit of exercise :). Plus it felt good on those sore gums of mine after wisdom tooth extractions last week 🙂

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