How to add a little more happiness to your life by giving to your community…




“There’s more happiness in giving than receiving”-Acts 20:35

Why take the time to give, well its been said that a giving person is a happier person…

Neighbor Love-
Helping someone moving into your area who speaks a different language other than your own is a wonderful way to show your generosity… you can find out if there is a need, what it is and help out!! .Helping someone in need and feeling the joy that comes from giving, is a wonderful thing!! Many people coming abroad usually arrive with little to nothing, so they need everything!! Can you spare a box of odds and ends.. or even welcome they with a meal? Here in Maine we have people moving from Angola and Somalia, just to name of few in my community! Many speak French, Portegese, and Somali. Can you even learn a few phrases in their language? How about in your area? Many of these people come as refugees and cannot return to their country, leaving family behind, so its really a bitter sweet thing for most.. so where can you find these individuals to help, many take English language courses at an adult education center, some are required to volunteer in all parts of the city..including soup kitchens. Many work with the city or town they move into, many are part of programs with DSHS, or stay at shelters temporarily…So networking with these organizations can help find leads. Some may even move into your neighborhood..there’s a good opportunity to show your kindness, concern and welcome a new friend!!

One thing that touched my heart is the appreciative attitude these friends show…one lady who had just moved to my area was moved with tears when a women she just met gave her plates from her cupboard…Many of these individuals come from war torn areas, or very violent and unstable governments… I’m sure we all appreciate a helping hand.. a friend of mine donated two boxes of Hannaford meals to our Portuguese friends and although i was the middle man i saw how much joy it brought them, that was so nice and in turn my friend felt happy to help someone too…so domino effect happening here, it was awesome to be apart of that!!

Programs-Some communities have an after school program like the Pal center can we donate our time to help in some way?….or even donate baked goods to these children.. some of these children are delighted to have a home baked goody!! We had a running program entitled the chestnut street Champions, a running club years ago!! It was So much fun working with Monenda and Meagan!! The kids were Great!! Im sure we can think of ways to make someone’s life just a little special, or even make the last day of a program a reason to celebrate!! Also what about Shelters, or volunteering to help serve at soup kitchens…

Or how about nursing homes, can you come in and volunteer in some way? Maybe to read to the elderly? I haven’t done so yet but what a wonderful thing!! Can you bring your child to do the same or take turns? There are read to your dog programs at your local libraries, so how much better for those that can understand our language!!! (Roof!!) Lol!! What a great idea!! Maybe for the summer for me and my kiddos!!

School-how about for our children? Can you ask to volunteer at their school? Or relatives school? Can you bring in cookies or cupcakes on the last day of school? Or even when the class has something special going on? If its permitted, why not!! One year I didn’t do anything for the last day of school, my son was utterly disappointed because neither did his teacher!! They cleaned all day instead!! Oh no!! Well, lesson learned, although it was a valuable teaching moment, i will remember to bring in cupcakes 🙂


Can we take a look around our neighborhoods and show kindness to someone who is going thru a tough time, illlness, or even to say we love you or care… there are so many ways we can take a minute and thank someone in our life or to show a little love…why not look around….and it doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s really the thought that counts, right!!

Little ones-our example can also instill in our children this generous spirit, can they help wrap the gift, write the card, or even pick out the way to help? about preparing some cookies to gift together!! My 11yr old son can even make cookies himself so your little one would love to help I’m sure..

So wherever you live in this great big world, hope you find the time to make someone’s day and help them feel a little more connected and valued..even a smile and an acknowledgment is what someone needs… I know i do sometimes!!.. so have a wonderful day…and feel the joy that comes from giving 🙂

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