Walk therapy: Take a spring walk Along the river, enjoy the sounds of the waterfall and wildlife..

Spring, a time where everything seems to be coming alive again…there’s a chill in the air on this beautiful overcast day here in Maine.. a chilly 42 degrees but oh so delightful to hear the happy sounds of birds chirping and the waterfall along side me on the river walk.. also love seeing the wildlife just feet away….like the pair of Mallard ducks eating sunflower seeds that the residents who live at the apartment building along the river left for them and the squirrel who ran away when he saw me!!  Blessed to live in a city where the beauty of nature and beautiful sounds of birds can be enjoyed. Hope you enjoy it too!!  Im sure you can find a place to let your thoughts flow allow your mind be refreshed…even walking outside and looking at the clouds can give anyone a much needed break…

Northern Mallard Duck; female is the mostly brown with dark streaks and blue patch
What was beneath the snow….. pine cones and leaves


The chilly air is quite refreshing to the sinuses, from which many of us are dealing with allergy problems and sickness. Even though there is traffic along the bridge which connects the cities, the air gives a sense of renewal and cleansing of the lungs…ahhhh!!


Look at his cutie.. such a beautiful male Mallard duck!! I think the sunflower seeds look pretty good on him, i think he thinks so too!! Lol! Hope you’ve enjoyed our walk today… please feel free to share, comment or follow!!!  Be sure to watch the video!! Have a wonderful day!! 💋 😘


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