10 reasons to wake up 30 minutes earlier … especially for tired mothers

1. For your children, to be a tad bit more alert!! I have to admit, my son is an early bird.. tend to their needs instead of waiting to the last minute to get up and now you’re stressed out..

2. You can Enjoy a cup of coffee…

3. To get in the shower and just take alittle extra time

4. Read; bible and meditate

5. Pray

6 Just lay in bed for a few mins

7 So you’re not rushing to work but can have a leisurely stroll in..

8 you can actually put your face on and look fabulous!!

9. Do alittle cleaning, take a few mins to organize one thing or tidy up a room

10. Spend alittle more time enjoying your children, spouse or pet instead of just rushing out the door..

You can add whatever it is you enjoy doing or want to do more of… like exercising, or taking a walk in the morning 🙂 it’s amazing what you can do in just 30 mins 🙂
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