Have an amazing weekend!!

Just like that, the week flies by &  now the weekend!!


For this family, we keep a very busy schedule!!  We went to York beach at the beginning of the week and horse camp the rest of the week, which kept us busy… also i am discovering a new way of eating that I am super excited about!! More blogs to follow about it soon….amazingly this new way of eating seems to have relieved my asthma and is clearing up my face!! A total miracle so far and I Love it!! A Low fat vegan diet!! It’s only been 5 days but notice a huge difference!!  Of course my ministry keeps me busy too, great week working with friends and meeting new ones from Massachusetts!! Absolutely love it!! So thats part of my adventures… hope you all had a great week and a wonderful weekend too!! 🙌🏼🎉👍👌🏼💃🏻


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