Why Motorcycle’s and distracted driving can bring sadness!!

Im sure you all agree, that we have concern for others and try to be considerate at all times!! Today i’m writing about the importance of why be careful while driving and avoid being distracted while driving a vehicle or a motorcycle!! Also about the importance of wearing a helmet while driving a motorcycle!! I know i can give you facts and figures and that makes a difference but what about when you see an accident or know relatives who have been affected by someone distracted!!


Yesterday we witnessed a motorcycle accident and it was very traumatic, please keep the man injured on his motorcycle yesterday in your prayers! I don’t know who he is, but hope he’s able to recover quickly or survive his injuries….Yesterday in Maine, a man was killed in another location, his motorcycle crashed into another vehicle and he was thrown into oncoming traffic, such a terrible terrible thing..….

Please please be careful when you drive your vehicle or your motorcycle, especially in places like Maine where people like to ride their motorcycles.. Maine is known to be “Vacationland”!! It’s gorgeous in the summer, there are so many places to enjoy and ride to… but please please be safe…

Safety first, if you decide to drive your motorcycle, Helmets do matter!! Yes it looks cool to have your hair free in the wind, yes it’s probably  cool to feel the wind and sun on you as you drive, i would imagine.. I’ve only been a passenger once and it was a short ride.. but it isn’t cool when you get injured or worse killed because your helmet could have made the difference!!


As a Motorcyclist, you are very vulnerable!! My father in law was injured in a motorcycle accident, because a women was distracted and didn’t see him, thankfully after extensive therapy he is walking today with rods in his legs!!


The man in the accident yesterday had his helmet on which i think helped him!! I don’t know the outcome of his injuries or extent.. but it was an awful scene, just picture this; we’re driving along and see a man had flown off his motorcycle and thrown a large distance from his motorcycle to lay face down into the street/sidewalk… We were some of the first people on the scene, my friend called 911…and it was such a scary thing, there was absolutely nothing we could do to help this poor man, he was unconscious but breathing heavily, blood coming out of his mouth,,, it was awful, all i could do is pray that he didn’t die….we waited for first responders to arrive.. so glad my friends were very calm…because i was all shaken up, when help arrived we left the man in their hands..


… another thing i learned is that if you have a motorcycle, is it really worth the risk of getting hurt or losing your life to drive it…. it can be really dangerous, even if you are a good driver, a lot of time its the other drivers you have to worry about.. in this case, the man who made him swerve or hit him,,,, again didn’t see him…


Whatever you decide please be safe.. after this accident I am determined not to be distracted while im driving..


thanks so much for reading, have a great,  wonderful and safe summer!!


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