Morning Hot Air Balloon Launch, even Bruno 💗 it!! 2018 Great Falls Balloon Festival!!

This Morning balloon launch was beautiful!! Balloons were up in the skies for the second time this weekend, so glad we were able to enjoy the sight this morning :).


Today marks the end of the 26th Annual Great Falls Balloon Festival, the last launch will be at 6pm this evening here at the Lewiston Auburn Riverfront, Simone-Payne Memorial Park!!

This morning My son and Bruno our dog enjoyed this beautiful vista, it was Bruno’s first time going to the festival. He didn’t seem to notice the balloons that much, probably because we were quite a distance away from the noise of the hot air balloons, but he loved getting patted when we would walk by people sitting and watching the show!! Brunos is 9 months now, and hes still pretty cute!! However One poor elderly lady wasn’t quite sure if he was friends, she had walked out of her apartment building to walk the opposite direction to where the balloons were going so didnt’ look down the river, she thought they didn’t launch this morning!! Poor thing.. she may have had a hard time seeing also, she had her walking aid and later sat on a bench! That’s where we saw her, When i asked how she liked the balloons, it was clear what happened. She said she was going to get into her car and find the balloons!! Well there!! Hope she enjoyed them!!


Loved the calm skies today, the balloons seemed to just float up and stay in place!! They were bunched up today which made for a beautiful sight!! We watched them from a far distance away, overlooking the falls!! It was gorgeous!!

So that was our morning adventure with brun’s!!  We will see if they go up tonight!! Thanks for reading 😉

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