Greetings from Kennebunkport, Maine

Today we took an excursion to Kennebunkport Maine!! A lovely coastal community!! Although it was a bit too chilly for me, my son and visiting family member loved Fishing!! My daughter and I enjoyed the scenery and just hanging out together and having our own science excursion!! More pics and videos on posts to come!

Today being Columbus Day there were a lot of tourists around the area, which is always great to see!!! Especially around the presidents house….

Today we took the scenic route thru the countryside and coastal route!! We Loved it!! Always beautiful scenery along the coast here in Maine!! Come visit someday, you will love it!! It’s good this time of year and especially in the warm summer months!!

Airbnb have wonderful places listed to stay in this area.. definitely worth a visit!!


Enjoy the picture of just one of the vistas we seen today!! Goodnight and Thanks for reading!!


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