My Bearded Dragon friend!! Apparently they make great pets!!

I Love meeting new critter friends, today I met a new one; a baby bearded dragon named Arie!! My friends are not sure whether its male or female!! Hmm. I don’t’ know either but apparently they can grow really big!! My friends were very excited to introduce him/her to me!! Congrats Jamie & Tim!!

Ive seen a good sized one at a festival.. two of them!! They are alittle scary, when they are a bit biggger!! My daughter and her friend were brave enough to each hold on on their chests!! I was nervous for them but they managed alright, just a few scratches on thier bellies because they were hanging on by their claws!! Here’s a picture of one them on my daughter and the owner of these cuties!!


Quite frankly my friends seem to be starting a little zoo/aquarium, with a Dog, cat, rabbits, and fish!! Lots of fish, so whats another additional to thier family!! They care very well for thier pets, Stacy is very supportive with them as well!  So cute!!

Glad Arie didn’t bite me!!  Here his is…

Some facts about these critters:

According to Bearded dragons are a type of ancient Lizard, originating from the deserts of Central Australia. It’s scientific genus name is Pogona.

According to this reptile gets the name “bearded” due to a flap of skin under its chin that looks like a beard, it extends this flap when it is disturbed, stressed or sees a potential rival!! It is described as even tempered and tolerant of humans interacting with it!! Which i think most people think is pretty cool and probably why they have become popular pets 🙂

Bearded dragons are neat reptiles for sure!!!  PetMD online has some interesting facts about theses fellas and other sites as well, you can even see cute videos about them!!! Check it out!!

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