Family reunion in Mexico Maine!! Food, Family & CandyLand!

Its always so nice to get together with family! My my was there also food galore!! Yummy food at that..sometimes I cook but this time I inspired my husband to make Mac and cheese with his smoked pulled pork.. I so enjoyed being a guest today!! Thanks hubbys family!

I tried hard to stick to chicken, Turkey and veggies but I had to sneak in a real Italian meatball made by Aunt Micky, she’s well know for these yummy goodness!! Her relative even pay for her to fly down to cook for them!

My favorite tonight was my sister in laws baked beans, and aunt Mickey sauce with salad and cornbread!! Yummy!


For dessert I loved the mini cookies and cream whoopie pies!! Yummy!

Candy Land

Why haven’t I played Candy Land before, it’s so much fun!! Easy and fun!! I like easy…sometimes I get intimidated by complicated and long games, this is short, sweet and like i said so much fun! To try, or purchase here’s a link.. 

560A1A51-1746-474D-AB55-33D9D328C7CA.jpegThanks for visiting, have a wonderful night! Enjoy your game day! Have a wonderful snow day tomorrow also New England!!

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