The joys of Snowy Winter days!!

We woke up to snow gently falling today, it was so beautiful!  We ended up with 10-14” (inches) yay!! It was a snow/sick day and it was oh so relaxing!! It really brings us much joy to have snow around us!  We absolutely love it!! Not everyone loves snow but we sure do, here’s why??


Its fun to make a snowman!! Snowmen, snowpeople and snow babies!!

Later in the day after a few episodes of Gator boys (we love that show) we went outside and made a couple of snowmen!! Bruno (our dog) ate the carrots we were going to use for the noses!! 😂 Lol! The snow people still looked cute… I sorta forgot the arms!! My daughter made a snow Baby! It was cute seeing her carrying it around like one too!!

Snowy walks


It is so beautiful to walk while it’s snowing, it’s such a magical feeling!!

We also took a short walk in our woods, even Bruno came along!! My son enjoys throwing snowballs at him and I think He enjoys it too!! It was a nice walk even though the  amount of snow made it abit hard to walk in without snowshoes!!


Snow Angels

Snowangels, is another fun thing to make in the snow!! We went to the park yesterday and enjoyed making them, my son helped me try to perfect my angel image…I still struggled to get the technique down!! Gently fall back and push off alittle!! Ya my fall didn’t look that graceful, it didn’t feel it anyway!! Then  My daughter used her finger to write everyone’s title Next to each angel, so each had an arrow and mom, brother or sister on it!! So Cute!!

These are a few of the reasons we love snowy winters! I’m sure you can add more to my list!!

So today being the last day of the year, I wanted to thank everyone for supporting my blogging journey!! I’ve been having so much fun writing! Thanks Also for the likes!! I hope you’ve enjoyed the beautiful pictures of my journeys and Maine and I hope to have inspired some of you to getoutdoors, exercise and get some fresh air!

Also if your in a journey to find positive things in your life or make a positive change in your life I hope that you can have the courage to make that change and better your life!! Yes you can do it, one step at a time!!

Thanks for reading and following along 🙂 Have a wonderful evening, Til next year!! 😂


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