Why reminisce on an easy trial at devils Back in Harpswell ME, sweet & lovely memories!!

Hey everyone!! Oh my goodness there are so many beautiful trails to hike even during the winter in Maine & New Hampshire!! Have you tried the Devils Back trail in Harpswell?? It is gorgeous!! We haven’t been there this year but hope to visit again soon!! It is located along the ocean & coast of Maine!! It’s a pretty easy hike, one I recommend with kids 🙂 

As I’m recouping with Post COVID syndrome, it’s been such a joy to look thru old pictures & videos of our many hikes, summersaults as we walked along our neighborhood with the kids & fun time with friends 🙂 My kids had so much fun… climbing trees, swinging on trees, throwing snow in the water, & walking in the snow 🙂 here at Devils Back trail!!  Winter is such a lovely time of year to hike!! So last year at this time we were here enjoying this lovely hike, if you live in the Portland area or near LA area it’s worth the drive!! It’s gorgeous out there!!

I’m feeling much better but taking it easy!! So easy that I’m now happy living through my pictures to get my exercise 🙂 hahaha I know it’s not the same & would rather be out there!! So If you can be out there have a wonderful time!!

I’m so bad at writing about writing about our adventures & posting them & even have a video about this!! sorry guys, we’ll share it now though!! For some this may be a type of repost 🙂 hope you enjoy it too!! Oh and enjoy the snow day!!! We’re expecting another foot of snow!! Yay!! Last time it was so cold & the snow was powdery so we didn’t get to make snow people!! Let hope this will be a great snow storm 🙂 have fun!! 

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