Greetings from Astoria, Oregon

We’re enjoying our stay here in Oregon!! What a joy it was to go to Long Beach, Oregon!! It was so gorgeous! We also climbed the stairs up the Astoria Column, it was about 9 stories high!! Phew!! I huffed & puffed behind the family but I made it!! The sun setting in the distance was amazing!! The Crazy long Bridge can be seen in the distance 🙂 sadly the Internet, wifi & even our US Cellular service doesn’t work here!! So more pics to follow 🙂

The temp here is a little cool but sunny! It’s about 64 degrees!! Brrrr!!

Heres a pic from the Astoria Column 🙂 The sun is setting in the distance!! 

Summer is a wonderful time to get outside, do alittle traveling & take in gorgeous views like this one!! Feeling so blessed to be able to take a road trip, visit family & meet really awesome people!! Even met a lady who will be working in Bar Harbor next summer!! Small world!!

Have fun!! Hope you’re having a great life!! 

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