Adios Portland Oregon; family, zoo & coast!!

Portland, Oregon

We had a fabulous time in Forest Grove visiting family & loved the Warrenton/ Astoria KOA!! While in Oregon we also visited the zoo, it was so fun!! Will post about our stay soon & zoo experience! We’ve loved both places & have been at the campground before but my family loved it so much they want to make it a tradition to visit every year 🙂 I love the idea too!!

Oregon Zoo

We had a wonderful time at the zoo in Portland 🙂 Its been one of my favorite places to visit 🙂 while visiting the city!! We walked 2.5 miles that day, my brother & his wife were tired…but the kids could have gone on for hours more!! Hahaha. We all  enjoyed seeing the animals!! Everyone had thier favorites!!  What beautiful creatures 🙂 my favorites were the bats, sea otters, seals, giraffes, & loved getting a glimpse of the polar bear!! I could not believe we saw a polar bear in Oregon!! What??! Ya!! It was a quick glimpse then poof who knows where he went, it was hot that day so it like hid from visitors sight!! Oh well!! I wonder how they can keep what needs cool temps in a warm place??  🙂 hey there’s something to investigate!! 

So after visiting family in Washington & Oregon we’re heading Eastbound to Idaho!! It’s bittersweet but looking forward to our next visit! I’m so thankful to my Heavenly Father to make this trip out with the family! Thankful our RV is making it, we’re having an amazing time & the hospitalidad has been awesome!! I’m loving making & sharing in the hospitality too.! We even had a family party to celebrate summer! Woo hoo!! My new recipe Cilantro Jalapeño rice has been a hit along with our smoked bbq pork!! Yeeeas!!

As we continue on our travels we need to backtrack to Columbia Gorge & the Falls recreation center!! It’s gorgeous there!! I couldn’t wait to see Multnomah falls but we had a little surprise along the way 🙂 Will post pics & share that adventure with you all!! Hope you’re enjoying the gorgeous weather where you’re at & staying cool!!! We hear Maine is amazing right now 🙂 have fun friends 🙂 & thanks for following along 🙂  😘😘😘😘😘



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