What lessons can you learn from an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament?

Yesterday was my buddy Kyle’s Ultimate frisbee draft & Tournament!! What a wonderful day to spend the afternoon, running around chasing & catching a frisbee & enjoying friendship!!

My hubby, son & I joined the tournament this year!! Can you imagine me, a 43 yr old lady, running around!! Hahaha!! What I always say, age is just a number, even though the aches & pains are real after vigorous exercise!! Hahahaha!! Yes we can still keep playing, if a 90 something can run in a marathon or dance like a spring chicken like I’ve seen on social media, hey we keep being active as long as we can, right?? & learn some important lessons along the way!!

Like everything, we can learn lessons in life from the things we do…this is what I’ve learned from the tournament!! It’s like picking up gems of life!!

Don’t give up,
we didnt win any matches at first but in the end won the last match!! Yay!! We didnt even make it to the play offs but that was ok!! Just try your best 🙂
Even if you have 30 seconds, just play!! Don’t give up!!

Just have fun!!
Aren’t we here to have a good time?? Just have fun even if you’re not winning!!

Life’s too short to be mad faced!! Just enjoy life, or in this case the tournament!!

Be thankful!!
I enjoyed being on Jakes Team! & thankful that I could play!! We wore black arm sleeves, it was pretty cool!! Lol😂🤣

So whatever your age, abilities.. keep trying, keep playing & enjoy being active!!

**Thanks Kyle for your hard work & putting on tournaments!! & congrats to first & second place winners 🙂 everyone in the tournament did awesome!! Keep up the great work!!

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